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True nature reveled of your Wife when you have no money. Friends when you are in trouble. Family members when you are in pain. Siblings when you are fortunate. Bloodlines when you got old. Advertisements

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People with worst past create best future. Struggle makes person tough, wise, humblehearted.

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Dont let small mind tell you that your dreams are too big. They have no dreams and goals in their life.

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your body is limitless. Limited is your mind. Break it and earn what you deserve. Then people are not like you but Direct follow you

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If you want to walk fast walk alone. If you want to walk far walk together.

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Be optimistic. Always prepare and wait for your time. Your time will come.

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HAPPINESS IS DEPEND ON US BECAUSE 99% STRUGGLE OF OUR LIFE IS MANTEL AND ONLY 1% IS PHYSICAL. SO IT’S ONLY AND ONLY DEPENDS ON US TO BE HAPPY OR NOT. There are ways to be happy. I would like to share with you. 1. Positivity Always think positive, stay positive, connected to positive people. […]


What makes you legend.

Legends are not made it’s born. Its Right but not completely right because if you try with will so, you can be a legend too. But you must follow some rules and make it your habit. Think differently and act differently. A Person who thinks differently than other people in the world is making a […]

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3 Secrets of unbroken family

Every day we saw around us many families have problems some have big while some have small. In this situation, some are surviving and some are a break. Many reasons to break families and burn bridges but 3 secrets which rescue to break families. EVERYDAY FAMILY MEETING It’s the first secret and is very effective. That […]

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