A character is everything for humans for life in this world and this generation in which a people have everything but if a character is loose, no one accepts them after all.

If the character is gone or loose. then everything is gone. prestige, honor, social status, followers, and money.

If you have nothing but you have a strong character then you can gain everything.

it’s a precious JEWEL and like MAGNET which attracts all good things like prestige, social status, honor and many good things.

But its also like white cloth which shown a tiny spot of any guilty and this tiny spot is unethical to work, vulgarity, covetousness, envious and much more another vice. If these clothes are blemish by anyone so after that it’s difficult to clean it may be its blemish for a lifetime.

History has proven many big personalities, business tycoon, actors, athletes and many other big peoples are the downfall and lost into darkness for one reason they can’t maintain and save their characters.

It’s a very important thing to keep safe.

If character gone than everything is gone.

many things help to the safe character and build it strong.

please build your character because of its everything.

You can regeneration of yourself.



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