3 Secrets of unbroken family

Every day we saw around us many families have problems some have big while some have small. In this situation, some are surviving and some are a break.

Many reasons to break families and burn bridges but 3 secrets which rescue to break families.


It’s the first secret and is very effective. That family doing a meeting every day these family’s members are more understanding and know each other very well and very close to each other.

Just do seating together at night when all family members free from work and relaxed.

If you are spiritual. pray to god for having a great family because not everyone has a family.

Ask each other hows there day gone and anything bothers them if they have any problem solve together.

This meeting takes only 15 to 20 minutes but its results are wonderful. We can know each other better. Family bonding is stronger and than any of the worst situation, this family will be unbroken.


This thing matter to break families if it’s going the wrong way. any of persons are not give respect to their parents and elders those are not gain peace and success in their life.

Disrespect and hate of elder is the main reason for increasing old age homes.

In Indian philosophy, suggest worship parents like a god. Matrudevo bhava and pitrudevo bhava. mean see mother and father as a god.

Respect elders, because we are, belongs to them. they teach us everything. They have raised us. We must repay their borrowings.

In which family elders get the respect that family is unbroken


It’s difficult to keep tendency of let go into family because no one wants to surrender to others. But if little excitement of letting go can survive family to break in any worst situation.

Many time any person of the family does not agree to do anything same way as we want to but that time a tendency of letting go things handle the situation and all going well.

In which family in members are keep tendency of let go so that family will always unbroken.

So that’s the 3 secrets of unbroken family and it can bring a lot of happiness and fortune to your family

please stay happy and be with your family.

You can Regeneration of yourself.



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